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    Pokémon - French opening theme #1

    pfft the german theme is SO MUCH BETTER

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    Moselle :

    - le café - klatch = discussion entre copine
    - ratcher = discuter

    So, I’ve never learned French (this is French, isn’t it?), so I understand, like, less than 1% of this, but it’s great (striking? weird?) how much of the Moselle vocab seems to come from German words. HOWEVER:

    • Backstory: I’m reading Crime and Punishment atm [I’m a really slow reader so it might take me several more weeks to get through the remaining 250 pages but that’s not something even remotely interesting to you here] and the newspaper name Perioditscheskaja Retsch (which I’m not-so-sorry about not wanting to google for a non-(german-)transcripted version of) is translated as Periodisches Gespräch (/Periodic Talk). Same with Jeschenedjelnaja Retsch – Weekly Talk.
    • Which makes me assume that ratcher is borrowed from the Russians. Who, imho, are quite a lot more distant from the French than the Germans.
    • So, is this, like, a war alliance thing? Or totally unrelated and I’m just making stuff up? I’m interested.

    It’s just because it used to be in Germany, I think. Plus it borders with Germany. In parts of Germany on the border with France there are similar influences, e.g. saying “Ich habe heiß” (cf. French “J’ai chaud”) instead of “Mir ist heiß”.

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  3. flymetothemunna:

    it’s finally here… Shingeki no Kyojin’s full OP

    Usually I don’t like full versions of anime OPs ‘cause they just repeat the same structure as the short version, but hot damn this is awesome. Sexy German and all :D

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