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    • Name: Ro/Rolando/Rowland
    • Birthday: 05/05
    • Favourite Colour: Purple!
    • Lucky number: 5 and 8 are pretty banging
    • Height: 6 foot
    • Talents: I can do languages and stuff I guess?
    • Last Dream You Remember: I dreamt about Bubble Bobble! And it made me really wanna play it :)
    • Can You Juggle: noo
    • Arts/Sports/Both?: Theatre! Also writing :) (though mainly in Esperanto these days). I used to play the saxophone pretty well too, probably would be able to improvise OK now. Suck at sports.
    • Do You Like Writing: Yes! Find it harder in English, though, find Esperanto much more relaxing and easier to play with words and stuf, perhaps just because it’s not my native language.
    • Do You Like Dancing: Yeah, used to not like it and slowly got into it but only when drunk, and now I can break it down and slut drop to pretty much anything.
    • Do You Like Singing: I find it really relaxing and fun to do, love singing in foreign languages too. Singing is great.


    • Dream vacation: Fun new city I haven’t visited, drinks, laughs and adventures with good friends.
    • Dream guy/girl: my current boyf is prety much perfect so yeah
    • Dream wedding: marriage is gros and patriarchal but I’d be down for a big party with lots of friends and cool decor
    • Dream pet: Hm, not sure if I really want a pet any more
    • Dream job: dunno!
    • Favorite song: It changes fairly regularly. At the moment very into Queen by XELLE.
    • Last song you heard on the radio: no idea, rarely listen to anything other than Radio 4
    • Least favorite song: Blurred Lines because it’s so darn catchy but also so darn awful
    • Least favorite album: I rarely listen to an album as a whole thing.
    • Least favorite artist: im not a h8er


    • Guys/girls/both: mainly self-identifying men, especialy beary ones, also non-binary and some women (mainly amanda palmer tbh)
    • Hair Colour: gosh! I love dyed hair, black hair, ginger… like all hair I guess :)
    • Eye Colour: people actually care about this?
    • Humorous/Serious: bit of both I guess?
    • Taller/shorter: either
    • Biggest Turn Off: people who are ‘str8 acting’ or ‘masc’
    • Biggest Turn On: rejection of masculinity and cute body hair patterns

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  2. me being a hungover cutie in bed


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    1. what is your favourite colour?
    I used to be all ~alternative~ and say teal, but after that was the theme colour of my brother’s wedding I’ve gone definitively off it. Now it’s purple :)

    2. what is your favourite holiday destination?
    Hmm, I generally like going to less popular holiday destinations like certain Eastern European countries. Generally, if I can avoid paying tourist prices and being surrounded by other tourists, then great!

    3. what is your dream job?

    No idea! Being able to do translation and travel around would be cool. Human rights stuff would also be really good. I think anything where I’m comfortable, have free time, and don’t have to present myself in a too formalised way would be good, really.

    4. if you could only eat one thing forever what would it be?
    Urgh, this one’s hard to choose. My instinct says Ben & Jerry’s cause I’m a pig lol

    5. one object you would require on a desert island?
    A really good book. One that I haven’t decided on yet and probably haven’t even read yet.

    6. where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

    Hopefully living in a cute apartment in Berlin seeing my boyfriend regularly and having cool reliable friends.

    7. celebrity crush?

    Not sure if he counts but Conner Habib (I don’t tend to crush on big celebs anyway). He’s a really cool gay porn star who writes a lot about feminism and sex work and stuff.

    8. what is your favourite moment of life so far?
    Probably when I met my boyfriend and we stayed up all night talking and went for cute brunch afterwards.

    9. if you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?
    Right now, I’m really digging Prague and Berlin. Kyoto would also be super cool to live in.

    10. what is your favourite drink?

    Any kind of yummy milkshake. I had a really good peanut butter, chocolate, and banana one yesterday.


    1. What was your most recent travel to and how was it?

    2. What’s the town you live in like?

    3. What’s the last thing you regret purchasing?

    4. Do you like going out?

    5. Do you hydrate enough throughout the day?

    6. Do you play/used to play an instrument?

    7. What countries/regions do you think are overrated?

    8. Do you like swimming?

    9. Favourite fruit?

    10. Do you get a lot of holes in your socks?

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  4. me being cute with my new haircut


  5. me out with my boyf in bath looking freaking fine (and very red)


  6. cute pics of me in lipstick that I took a while back :)


  7. Reppin’ Linguistics


  8. So this is a thing that just happened. And the link they sent is this.


  9. So I finally made a new vlog talking about shit I’ve been up to and what I’ll be posting on my channel from now on.


  10. Just finished Golden Sun. Now just have decide if I should transfer my previous file with more hours and a better party or use my one from this playthrough with lower levels and not as good equipment.