1. fun night out with my bud joe


  2. from going out with my friend the other night :)


  3. playing mah gameboy


  4. so turns out I’m chronically bad at relationships. like I reaaaaaally just need to be single for at least a year. i end up hurting people without realising how much of a dick i’m being and like for what? having to break off contact with someone you’ve broken up with sucks. from now on it’s just sexy friends.


  5. so last night i took a ~nARTcisissistic~ trip through my hometown


  6. tw: excessive cuteness


  7. pulling faces


  8. miso time!


  9. another cute picture of me holla


  10. Tagged by cochleandus


    • Name: Ro/Rolando/Rowland
    • Birthday: 05/05
    • Favourite Colour: Purple!
    • Lucky number: 5 and 8 are pretty banging
    • Height: 6 foot
    • Talents: I can do languages and stuff I guess?
    • Last Dream You Remember: I dreamt about Bubble Bobble! And it made me really wanna play it :)
    • Can You Juggle: noo
    • Arts/Sports/Both?: Theatre! Also writing :) (though mainly in Esperanto these days). I used to play the saxophone pretty well too, probably would be able to improvise OK now. Suck at sports.
    • Do You Like Writing: Yes! Find it harder in English, though, find Esperanto much more relaxing and easier to play with words and stuf, perhaps just because it’s not my native language.
    • Do You Like Dancing: Yeah, used to not like it and slowly got into it but only when drunk, and now I can break it down and slut drop to pretty much anything.
    • Do You Like Singing: I find it really relaxing and fun to do, love singing in foreign languages too. Singing is great.


    • Dream vacation: Fun new city I haven’t visited, drinks, laughs and adventures with good friends.
    • Dream guy/girl: my current boyf is prety much perfect so yeah
    • Dream wedding: marriage is gros and patriarchal but I’d be down for a big party with lots of friends and cool decor
    • Dream pet: Hm, not sure if I really want a pet any more
    • Dream job: dunno!
    • Favorite song: It changes fairly regularly. At the moment very into Queen by XELLE.
    • Last song you heard on the radio: no idea, rarely listen to anything other than Radio 4
    • Least favorite song: Blurred Lines because it’s so darn catchy but also so darn awful
    • Least favorite album: I rarely listen to an album as a whole thing.
    • Least favorite artist: im not a h8er


    • Guys/girls/both: mainly self-identifying men, especialy beary ones, also non-binary and some women (mainly amanda palmer tbh)
    • Hair Colour: gosh! I love dyed hair, black hair, ginger… like all hair I guess :)
    • Eye Colour: people actually care about this?
    • Humorous/Serious: bit of both I guess?
    • Taller/shorter: either
    • Biggest Turn Off: people who are ‘str8 acting’ or ‘masc’
    • Biggest Turn On: rejection of masculinity and cute body hair patterns

    I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this cause I did a tag recently