1. Reppin’ Linguistics


  2. So this is a thing that just happened. And the link they sent is this.


  3. So I finally made a new vlog talking about shit I’ve been up to and what I’ll be posting on my channel from now on.


  4. Just finished Golden Sun. Now just have decide if I should transfer my previous file with more hours and a better party or use my one from this playthrough with lower levels and not as good equipment.


  5. My computer has been getting so fucking laggy. Like it takes ages to log on and Tumblr is painful to use. It was alright before so I dunno if my hard drive is failing or Linux Mint is just being stupid.


  6. but if anyone wanna speaks french, german, japanese, mandarin or esperanto with me, shoot up my inbox


  7. I usually try hard to not come off as arrogant or flippant about the languages I speak, and I always correct people when they’re like “so you’re fluent in Japanese?”, but on the flipside I get really annoyed when people are like “oh, you don’t speak x language that well really”. And I get really self conscious if someone asks me what a word or character means because if I don’t know they’ll be all like YOU LIED.

    or whatever

    this came out more rambly than I expected


  8. I started a tech blog

    You can see it here. The first post is about Jolla Phone. I’d be really happy to hear your thoughts :3


  9. So this is a thing that happened while we were at the zoo.